Check Out These Videos of Dogs Going Crazy for Water

As the summer heats up, many of you look for ways to cool off your pups, including hosing them down. Dousing a pup with a water hose can help avoid heat stroke, according to Little Things. Most dogs love the refreshing spray, but some react in funny ways. Here are a couple of cute video and Gifs of dogs reacting to water.

Gotta Get It


This little pup charges the water sprayer trying to catch all the water in his mouth.

Chase and Bite


This large dog gleefully chases the water stream around the deck and tries to bite it.

Watch Me


This group of dogs take turn attacking the water hose and biting down on it.

Just a Few Small Bites


This doberman bites the stream of water as his friend cheers him on in the background. It’s essential to provide your dog with plenty of water in the summer, according to K9 Kampus.

Let’s Take Turns


Only a true friend holds the water hose for you while you drink from it.

Mine All Mine


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As the little dog tries to catch some water, his bigger friend cuts it off from a higher vantage point.

Slow Motion Play


These fluffy dogs enjoy attacking the water hose together and separate. Enjoy every moment in slow motion.

My Turn


Sometimes it’s the dogs turn to spray the owner

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