10 Delightful Dogs Who Can’t Wait For Their UPS Delivery

Any job is certainly more pleasurable when you deal with awesome people, and it can be even more satisfying when your clientele includes a few furry, four-legged friends to brighten your day. Postal workers and package carriers are quite accustomed to receiving enthusiastic greetings from dogs along their delivery routes. The buoyant spirits of these excited pups can provide quite the boost to an otherwise routine work day, which many carriers appreciate. One UPS driver went so far as to create a Facebook group devoted to the pooches that UPS drivers come across while out on delivery. Here are some of the adorable dogs that welcome these package carriers in the special charming way that only canines can.

10. When I Grow Up…

Everybody has their own dreams for the future. Ranger here seems to aspire to one day become a puppy-carrier, and even has the adorable outfit to match. Who wouldn’t love to sign for a package from this lovable pooch?

9. It’s Here! It’s Here!

Know that anxious feeling you get when you’re waiting for a package? Well, the excitement is clearly too much to bear for Dennis of Diamond Bar. He just can’t wait to see what the delivery driver has in store!

8. Cuckoo For Coco

Pasadena, California is known for hosting the annual Rose Bowl college football game and the Tournament of Roses Parade leading up to the contest. But apparently, the city also features lovable tiny dogs who love to greet their UPS delivery ladies. Coco here is too precious!

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