These Dogs Of Summer Will Make You Feel Sunshine Whatever The Season

Survey the Scene

Dogs live in the moment, whether they are people-watching from the patio or chasing the pigeons. Stop to notice the gorgeous flowers blooming in a neighbor’s yard or the picture-perfect sunset during your daily commute.

All Paws On Deck

Dogs love an adventure, and even familiar places look new to their eyes when seen from a different vantage point. Long days and warm breezes make the perfect excuse for you both to explore, whether you kayak downriver in your hometown or trek a favorite hike along a new path.

Let It All Hang Out

Summer can represent come-as-you-are season. Kick off your shoes, tear off the tie, and let the wind be your hair stylist. Any dog can tell you that life is more fun when you are just yourself.

Life Is Better With Sprinkles

Pack your polka-dot bikini and five flavors of soda — this is the time to embrace the little extras that make life fun. Order your drink with whipped cream, send your best friend a card just because, or drop by the doggy bakery with your furry friend.

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