These Dogs Of Summer Will Make You Feel Sunshine Whatever The Season

Summer may be winding down, but that doesn’t mean the spirit of the season has to go with it. Dogs know how to lap up every bit of summer fun, whether they’re splashing in a swim hole or dozing in the shade. These Dogs of Summer from Instagram brought smiles to many across the internet. Let them teach you a few tricks to savor the season and carry a sunny disposition year-round, whatever the weather.

See Water, Jump In

This dog knows that you don’t need to get fancy for a fast cool-down. All the world is his swimming pool — and he’s not afraid to take advantage. Take a dip! The water is fine.

Scarf It

Dogs don’t count calories — and not only because they don’t know how. Pooches know that treats taste better when devoured with reckless abandon, whether it’s a corn dog at the carnival or a “Puppaccino,” which is Starbucks-code for a doggy-friendly cup of whipped cream.

Grab Life By the Jaws

Take a tip from the labradoodle crowd and run after whatever makes you happy. Take up a water sport, learn to tango, or host an alfresco dinner party for all your friends.

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