D4D: Dogs Looking For Missed Connections on Craigslist

We Said Hello At the New Dog-Friendly Cafe

Photo: Pexels
Our humans were sitting at adjacent tables on the patio and we all said hello briefly. You seemed like a cool young pup, and I’d like to get to know you better. I hear a new dog park is opening up with a built-in agility course. Want to check it out?

Size Isn’t Everything

Photo: Flickr/Deb
Remember all the fun we used to have wrestling and playing at the dog park? I know everyone said it would never work because we were just too different, but we always had such a good time. Get in touch if you want to play a one-sided game of tug-of-war for old time’s sake.

Let’s Make a Splash

Photo: Pexels
I’ve noticed you walking through the park. I like a pooch who takes time to smell the roses — or in this case, the trees. I’m the cute corgi who usually hangs out by the fountain to cool off. Why don’t you come over and say hello?

Pet Store Meeting

Photo: Pexels

We ran into each other at the pet store and I ran away from you. Sorry about that! I just got adopted and was a little overwhelmed. I’m looking forward to meeting other dogs and would love to try again, maybe at the dog park. What do you say? I’ll bring the tennis balls if you bring the frisbees.

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