D4D: Dogs Looking For Missed Connections on Craigslist

Craigslist’s “Missed Connections” section is a popular place for some people to find love and friendship, but what would happen if dogs got in on the fun as well? These lonely pooches are looking for a canine connection, and the results are adorable.

Dog Park Cutie

Photo: Pexels
We met the other day while playing fetch at the neighborhood dog park. I stole your tennis ball, but you stole my heart. No hard feelings? I’d love to make it up to you with a couple of jerky chews.

I Missed You At Puppy Class

Photo: Pexels
You were always head of the class, while I was usually too busy chewing on my leash to pay attention to the trainer. When you came over to sniff me during playtime, though, my heart missed a beat. Want to have a puppy playdate sometime?

I Saw You Strolling Through the Park

Photo: Pixabay
Me: Handsome hound having his ears tugged on by the kids in the playground. You: Lovely Labrador meandering through the park with your human and a rambunctious young pup. We exchanged a sympathetic look. Let me know if you’d like to take a walk together sometime and commiserate.

Sorry I Barked At You Last Week

Photo: Pexels
You were sniffing around my yard and I barked at you from behind the fence to chase you away, but you were so nice about it that I feel bad now. I’d love to share a bowl of kibble as an apology.

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