8 Reasons Dogs Love to Go Fishing!

Dogs love to spend time outdoors. When you go to your favorite fishing spot, consider taking your furry best friend with you so he can enjoy the sunshine, water and smells of nature. Make sure you follow these safety precautions, provide plenty of fresh water for him to drink, and give him a potty break on land every once in a while. Most importantly, remember that fishing isn’t just about the number of fish you catch, it’s about spending time with friends and family, including your dog. Here’s some ways to involve your pooch on your next fishing trip.

Minding the Net

Your dog can watch after the net by holding it in its mouth, or by carrying it on its back. Some dogs also enjoy barking at your catch as you haul it in with the net.


Many dogs love to swim, splash and play in the water. Even though this may scare the fish, it’s important to get some puppy play time.


Some dogs are just as proud of your catch as you are, and love having pictures taken with the trophy. Strike a pose to create lasting memories.


Everything is better, especially spending time outdoors, when you have someone with whom to share it.

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