8 Ways To Make This Valentine’s Day The Best One Yet For Your Dog

2. Go on the Greatest Walk of the Year

Your dog loves walks; why not treat him to some quality outdoor time? Turn your daily walk into a nice, long stroll. Journey around town, go on a hike, or take a romp up a nearby beach if you can. If your dog has a favorite local park, make sure to swing by for a pit stop. The time together will be valuable to you both.

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1. Gift Him a Rescue Box

Everybody loves getting packages, and your dog isn’t any different. Get him a Rescue Box, a treasure trove of snacks, treats, and toys. Every month there are new products, so it’s the Valentine’s Day gift that keeps on giving. And it doesn’t stop there — each purchase helps fund food and vaccinations to shelter animals in need. It truly spreads the love!

Photo: The Animal Rescue Site

While these are all awesome ideas, your Valentine’s Day celebration doesn’t have to be fancy. Yes, you can sit down for a special dinner with your dog or give him a nice belly rub, but most importantly, just be there for him. Set aside quality time where you just focus on your furry friend. He’ll repay you with all the love you could ever imagine.

Every pet owner means well when they’re showering their pets with gifts, but they should still be careful when it comes to choosing Valentine’s Day treats.

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