Why Does Your Dog Stare at You?

Let’s Go for a Ride
Your dog may think it’s time for an adventure, especially if you’re getting ready to hit the road yourself. Your dog may be asking to join you in the car.

Play Ball
Energetic dogs may be too polite to drop a toy in your lap, but staring can be another way to ask for play. Have some fun tossing a ball or playing tug with your pup.

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Time for Bed
Some dogs are very routine-oriented and may start staring at you when it’s getting near bedtime. Whether you snuggle up in bed together or tuck your dog safely into a crate at night, your dog may be hinting that it’s time to go to sleep.

What Are You Thinking?
Dogs are adept at reading human body language, and staring can help them decipher our many moods. This can seem unnerving but it is a good thing, and many trainers actively encourage it.

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