Tips For Moving With Your Dog!

Moving is a stressful time for humans and dogs alike. If you’re planning a move soon, you can help ease the transition for your four-legged friend by following these simple tips.

Don’t Forget the Dog

It seems obvious, but sometimes important things can be overlooked during the chaos of a busy move. Make sure you have a plan for transporting your dog to your new home, and be sure to safely confine your pooch while moving furniture out of the house.

Set the Tone

Dogs are great at reading human body language, so sometimes your stress can also upset your dog. Try to remain calm and act normally around your dog to show that this is nothing to worry about.

Leave Your Dog’s Favorite Things For Last

Dogs like familiar things, so hold off on packing up those beloved beds, toys and bowls. You might be eating from paper plates because your kitchen is packed up, but feeding your dog from his normal bowl can help keep him calm. And if you have multiple dogs, make sure to leave out everyone’s favorites.

Minimize Surprises

Moves can sometimes require unusual types of travel, so plan ahead and spend some time preparing. Get your dog used to any new crates or pet carriers you might use, as well as canine seatbelts or other restraints. If your dog isn’t used to long car rides, try to gradually begin taking him on longer trips.

Help Rescue Animals

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