Left Alone With A Dog And A Marker, This Man Makes Masterpieces

Jimmy the bull terrier is showing people around the world that pets can be a source of joy and inspiration in the darkest of times. When Rafael Mantesso’s wife left him on his 30th birthday, he was suddenly alone in an empty apartment in São Paulo, Brazil, with no one to console him but his dog. Instead of sinking into grief, Rafael used one of his few possessions, a black marker, to doodle funny cartoons around his sleeping dog. Almost overnight, Rafael’s pooch-inspired masterpieces became an Instagram sensation, giving the artist and his best friend an exciting new life.

Jimmy Has Done It All

The blank white walls and floors of Rafael’s apartment provide the perfect canvas for these animated scenes. From a superhero to a rockstar to a plate spinner, Jimmy gets a cool new persona in every cartoon.

What a Multitasker

Jimmy’s naptime is when Rafael goes wild with creativity. Imagine fitting in a bike ride between dream sessions.

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Eyes on the Prize

Once Jimmy started racking up fan views on Instagram, Rafael got even more creative with eye-catching props.

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