Hot Dog? Cool Him Down With Homemade Frozen Popsicle Treats!

Want to help your dog beat the heat? Try these puppy popsicle recipes that feature ingredients such as frozen peanut butter and meaty mash-ups. Made with just a few ingredients, these “pupsicles” provide a cool treat on hot summer days. Keep it simple for success. Use a liquid such as chicken broth, yogurt or cottage cheese as a base, then mix in additional ingredients. Stick to foods that your dog likes, such as cut-up hot dogs. Once you have the hang of it, don’t be afraid to experiment; dogs tend to be more forgiving of unusual flavor pairings than their human pals.

Fusion Cuisine
Tried-and-true combos from the Times Union blog include tuna fish and yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese chunks, and frozen low-sodium broth with pieces of your dog’s favorite meat. If your pet has a delicate stomach, skip the rich broth and dairy bases, and opt instead for boiled chicken and water. Mix the ingredients in a bowl, then spoon the mixture into ice cube trays or muffin tins. Freeze until solid. Briefly set the tray in warm water to loosen the frozen treats.

The Humane Society offers a recipe for peanut butter and banana popsicles that pleases most doggy palates and doesn’t require you to turn on the oven. Pureed pumpkin or baby food are other good choices that don’t require a blender.

Skip the Stick

Instead of using traditional wooden popsicle sticks, which can pose a hazard when chewed, try inserting rawhide sticks, as shown in this recipe for PB & J popsicles by the Doggy Dessert Chef. Pretzel sticks also work.

Kongs Add Fun
Leaving your furry friend at home on a warm day? Stuff ingredients into Kong toys to keep your pet cool and calm. This chewable rubber toy has a hollow center designed to hold treats, giving dogs a mental challenge as they attempt to get the goods. The manufacturer’s website offers recipes for the toy, many of which freeze well, including Bahama Mama, a mixture of peanut butter, crushed pineapple, granola and coconut. When making these puppy pops, stick to doggy-friendly ingredients. The Humane Society’s recipe includes a list of foods you shouldn’t feed to dogs, including grapes, raisins, tomatoes and avocados.

Or try your hand at homemade doggy treats for year-round fun. This recipe is perfect for taking along on trips and even helps to freshen your pet’s breath.

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