Hey Bookworms, Have You Read That One About The Dog?

There are few things that can bring a dog lover closer to their pet than a good book. And, as book lovers young and old know, there are plenty of enjoyable books about dogs from which to choose. Whether it’s the classic tale of “Old Yeller” or the thrilling mystery of “The Hound of the Baskervilles,” readers have a vast array of options for a good story featuring man’s best friend as a central character. Here are a few favorite books about dogs for you — and your dog — to enjoy.

8. The Call of the Wild

Photo: Flickr/Internet Archive Book Images

American novelist Jack London, who also wrote “White Fang,” penned this adventure classic. In “The Call of the Wild,” a dog named Buck is stolen from his owners in California and taken to Alaska, where he is sold as a sled dog and learns what it means to be truly wild.

7. Beautiful Joe

Photo: Wikimedia Commons
This 19th century novel is about a horribly abused dog, Beautiful Joe, who finds new life with a loving family. The story, told from Beautiful Joe’s point of view, was inspired by true events and helped bring awareness to animal cruelty.

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