Not Your Typical Animal Sanctuary: Dog Shelter Focuses On Helping Disabled And Senior Pets

It’s no secret that most people seek out tiny puppies, purebred pets or highly trained animals to adopt. But have you ever wondered what happens to the elderly, disabled and otherwise seemingly unadoptable animals in need of help? While many end up euthanized, there are some dedicated rescuers who spend their time and resources saving these unwanted pets. Hightower Farm and Animal Sanctuary is one of those organizations.


Hightower Farm began in 2006. The original founders had been bringing home strays and in-need animals for years, and eventually decided to turn that passion into a serious line of work. They converted 4 acres of land outside Atlanta, Georgia into an animal sanctuary. Hightower Farm is recognized as an animal shelter by the State of Georgia and was granted 501(c)3 status by the IRS, making donations tax-exempt.

But that’s just the paperwork. Hightower Farms’ mission is saving those unwanted, hard-to-adopt, high-maintenance animals that often end up in shelters. The group works primarily with dogs, cats and horses. The population can fluctuate depending on need, but they typically house about 40 animals at the farm, in addition to 30 that are fostered in the community. They focus on elderly animals and those with chronic illnesses or injuries.

According to a survey conducted by, senior pets are some of the hardest to place in adoptive homes. Adult cats and pets with chronic illnesses are also high on the list. Hightower Farms has plans for all of these animals. Although the hope is for all these animals to be adopted into loving homes, the organization plans for long-term care and personal attention for pets that aren’t adopted. Semi-feral adult cats are able to live in a large, free-range cat room where they can live comfortably. The organization’s mission is to provide the best care and most comfortable, loving environment possible for its charges, whether that is in a foster home, adoptive home or right there at the rescue.

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Caring for these pets is a difficult task, but Hightower Farms has dedicated itself to that mission. Old, sick, disabled and feral animals find a loving and supportive environment at this unusual farm.

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