Meet Crusoe, the Celebrity Dachshund With Over 150,000 Instagram Followers

Crusoe, a lovable dachshund with a doting family, started small but has become an Internet sensation. The 6-year-old pooch does it all, and his antics are on display for everyone to see, as he has 150,000 Instagram followers, his own blog, a Facebook presence and plenty of YouTube videos. If those weren’t enough, Crusoe came out with something even more amazing in the fall of 2015.

First Celebrity Dachshund?

The cute pup earned his owners, Lauren Dionne and Ryan Beauchesne, a huge advance on a bestselling book entitled Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund: Adventures of the Wiener Dog Extraordinaire. The book came out as a way to chronicle the pup’s awesome lifestyle. Pictures and videos on the dog’s media channels show the dachshund playing hockey, surprising children as the Easter Bunny and going on a date in the style of Lady and the Tramp.

How’d Crusoe Do That?

Crusoe has a lot of help maintaining his brand. Beauchesne, his dad, is a marketing professional who started Crusoe’s blog in 2010 when he was a brand-new puppy. After the blog, Beauchesne kept Crusoe’s Internet activity going full steam ahead with a series of increasingly popular videos. The first videos showcase Crusoe making human foods, such as coffee or steak. Later videos feature the pooch playing poker, riding in a police car and swimming in the water while the Jaws theme music plays in the background.

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Plenty of Cuteness

All of these videos led to Crusoe’s stardom in a Heinz ketchup commercial dressed as a hot dog. The key to all of these antics is the adorably cute outfits that Crusoe dons. The hockey outfit appears as if he holds a hockey stick. When he plays poker, Crusoe wears spectacles. The Easter bunny outfit shows buck teeth and a cloth carrot in between two bunny paws, with two huge ears on top of Crusoe’s head. The hunting outfit has plenty of plaid and a toy rifle that makes Crusoe look like Elmer Fudd.

Crusoe’s dad says that the celebrity is comical, relaxed and very polite. Crusoe never says a bad thing about anyone, and the legend of this celebrity grows with every tail wag and puppy-dog stare.

Crusoe the celebrity dachshund is just one of many animal celebrities taking the Internet by storm. If you love those feisty dachshunds, check out this little guy.

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