A Japanese Pet Chipmunk Shows His Cuteness to the World!

Keeping chipmunks as pets requires some special needs, such as a large, 6-foot-tall cage, peat moss to line the bottom so the critter can burrow under the ground, and wooden nest box so the rodent feels safe and warm. Make sure to let your pet chipmunk out for some fun around the house every day as these creatures love to scamper. Check out Raw the Chipmunk and his daily antics on Instagram to view the joys of having one of these little guys as a furry friend.

Overseas Celebrity
Raw lives in Japan with his owner. He loves to eat seeds, nuts and fruit while perched on his owner’s hand.

Chipmunks are diurnal, so Raw plays during the day and sleeps at night after a full day of activities.

This little cutie hides up high or down low.

Raw strikes a pose when he stretches.

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