10 Adorable Baby Animals That Will Make You Smile

Babies are adorable – no matter the species.

Feeling unsettled and blue these days? There’s no better remedy for sadness than just looking at these ten excruciatingly cute animal babies.

10. E.T. Phone Home

An avatar of ugly-cuteness, this newborn giraffe faces the world fearlessly.

9. Chameleon Thumbelina

This tiny baby chameleon curls up easily on the tip of a finger. Yet his huge, turret eyes already check out the world.

8. Even This One’s Cute

In this photo posted on Bored Panda, a baby crocodile revels in a back scratch.

7. Hedgehog Buddha

This serene baby hedgehog curls up in the palm of a hand.

6. Panda Bodhisattva

This little panda sits in panda meditation on a ledge.

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5. The Ne Plus Ultra of Cuteness

Nothing’s cuter than a lamb.

4. Born Wise

Those big, front facing eyes make this owlet look sagacious beyond its years.

3. Enduring Cuteness

Even grown-up skunks are cute, at a distance.

2. Forever Cute

This cute baby dik-dik grows into a really cute grown-up dik-dik. They’re one of the smallest antelopes in Africa, says Smithsonian.

1. Unfazed

The little fox in this picture from Bored Panda looks like he’s just hauled himself out of an icy stream. Does he care? Not at all.

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