Nala Is Cross-Eyed, But She Sure Is Cute!

Nala’s original owners dropped her off at an animal shelter at just 4 months of age, but as luck would have it a cat lover named Varisiri Mathachittiphan saw this adorable ball of love and adopted her. Mathachittiphan nursed Nala back to health and helped her recover from some breathing problems, and then the 27-year-old started posting photos to Instagram to share photos of her beloved kitten with friends and family. The rest is history and now millions of people keep up with this cross-eyed cutie.

Cute as a Button
Who can argue with such a cute face? Nala stares into your soul with eyes that say, “Pet me and cuddle me.”

She Loves Boxes
Like any other cat, Nala loves her boxes. They make her feel safe.

Birthday Bash
Nala gets tons of birthday presents and treats for her birthday. She even got to eat her favorite sushi during one celebration.

Playful as Ever
Nala is as playful as ever, whether she puts her tummy in the air for a belly rub or if she wants someone to scratch under her chin.

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