Crate Rest or Recovery for a Dog: 6 Ways to Turn Boredom Into More Fun!

Just like humans, dogs occasionally need bed rest, although in this case it’s typically called crate rest. It’s usually necessary for recovery from a surgery or medical treatment, with common causes being treatment for heartworm infection, IVDD, LCP, osteomyeletis and blood clots. Well, also just like humans, dogs usually aren’t fans of laying around all day. Here are six ways you can make that time a little easier on your dog and yourself.

1. Calm Down
Train your dog to settle down and relax in one place for extended periods of time. This takes time, so gradually build your dog up by having it relax for longer periods each time. Not only does this help with crate rest, it’s also a great way to get your dog to relax during vet visits, so you should start teaching this to your dog at a young age.

2. Replace Physical Stimulation With Mental Stimulation
The Whole Dog Journal recommends using crate rest as a time to practice non-active behaviors with your dog. Give puzzle toys a try and let your dog exercise its mind.

3. Make Mealtimes a Game

Spread your dogs food around the crate, so it can’t devour everything at once. This makes mealtimes last longer, even with less food, which vets sometimes recommend during crate rest because the dog is inactive.

4. Provide a Chew Toy
Chew toys are great for keeping your dog occupied without moving. Your Dog recommends putting food inside the chew toy, giving your dog another puzzle to solve.

5. Keep Visitors to a Minimum
Visitors, both human and animal, may make your dog excited. Avoid this by making sure it’s just you and your dog as much as possible. Use this time for plenty of cuddles and affection.

6. Stay Indoors

Keep your dog inside for everything besides bathroom breaks. The outdoors are just too exciting for most dogs. Is your dog about to go through crate rest? These chews are a great choice for keeping your pup entertained during confinement.

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