Winter Is No Worry For These Cool Canines – Hilarious!

Humans love a good snow day. However, their pets might not find the same joy in the cold wet stuff. For some laughs, check out these funny dogs enjoying the white stuff.

Feet Up

This pooch is going to take the stairs on his front paws to avoid the snow.


This lovable pup thinks he can catch and eat the snowball that’s perched on his snout.

It’s a Slip and Slide!

The ice and snow has this lovable lunk tripping over his own feet.

Faster, Must Go Faster

This pup is tearing around the deck in hopes of out running the white stuff.

I’m Not Afraid of Anything!

This brave puppy makes his way through a tunnel made of snow. He looks quite please with himself.

Helping Out With Yard Work

This big fellow is helping out around the house as he shovels snow.

No Snowmen!

This dog doesn’t want his human to build a snowman so he attacks the growing lump of snow before it can become a snowman.

Me First

These little puppies are enjoying their first time playing in the snow. There cuteness is almost unbearable.

We Can Still Play Ball

This lovable puppy isn’t going to let a little snow stop him from playing fetch.

While snow might not be your favorite thing to shovel, these dogs are trying hard to change your mind. Why not head out into the white stuff with your canine today.

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