There’s Nothing More Comfortable Than Cardboard

Admit it. You love watching cats play with boxes. There’s actually a biological and instinctual reason why cats love boxes. They’re ambush hunters, which means cats love to hide and pounce on things they see as prey, even though your domesticated kitty doesn’t need to hunt for anything other than a food bowl and litter box. Boxes also make cats feel safe because in the wild, felines hide from possible predators. Since you love cats in boxes so much, revel in these GIFs of cats going bonkers over boxes.

The Box Has Legs

The box just grew a pair of legs and a tail. The rest is history.

Seal and Pack

While Muffy shut the box, her pals were busy printing a mailing label to send it to Abu Dhabi. Hopefully, they bought enough postage for Nermal to fly first class!

This Is My Spot!

The Sheldon Cooper of the cat world claims his spot. No one messes with the spot in the box.

Where’s the Catnip?

Who is the wise guy who put catnip in here! That’s not fair!

Nice Kitty…

Even this cute and cuddly male African lion has a thing for boxes. This shows that the box thing is a hunting instinct millions of years old, and every cat species has it.

A Beautiful Lynx

This gorgeous lynx has the box instinct, too! He’s just hanging out like nothing’s up!

Cat in Disguise

This is really a cat in disguise. By day he’s a dog, but by night he’s a cat. Sometimes the two forms cross paths.

Home Sweet Home

This cat loves boxes and he cannot lie. He just owns it and makes it his home!

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It Fits Just Right! Almost!

This box fits its cat perfectly. Well, it almost does. Maybe someone promised this kitty free rabbits as an incentive to move in?

Ready for Takeoff!

This cat is the 60-times great-grandcat of the cat of Orville and Wilbur Wright. Fly on, kitty!

All Bow

All bow to the great emperor. I rule all of cat-dom and humanity.

The Cat Chimes on the Hour

Forget a cuckoo clock. This cat clock meows on the hour, every hour.

We hope you enjoyed this cat-in-the-box compilation. If you just can’t get enough, here are more pictures of cats in boxes and other confined spaces. Every time you see a kitty doing this, he’s just being a cat.

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