Tell Us Whether These Cats Belong On The Nice List Or The Naughty One

As one of the happiest times of year, the holiday season brings fun and excitement to many homes. On social media, many adorable cats are getting in on the holiday fun as well. Whether they’re “helping” their humans with decorations or fixating their attention on the family Christmas tree, they certainly add their own spin to ushering in the holidays. Here are 12 Christmas Cats of Instagram to get you in the holiday spirit with their kitty cuteness.

12. Who Are You?

This calico kitty is amazed by the Christmas polar bear that adorns its family home. The cat may be watching the bear carefully to ensure it doesn’t spring to life and pose a threat to the household.

11. We’re Just Here To Supervise

These orange tabbies are ready to help their mama decorate the tree at a moment’s notice. Maybe they’ve positioned themselves so they can place the angel on top.

10. It’s Not About The Gifts, It’s About the Boxes!

Christmas can be a special time for cats for one very important reason: the plethora of boxes. This adorable kitty settles into a box that she’s probably hoping is the first of many — and one would guess there should be plenty more on the way. What a time to be a cat!

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