This Photographer Takes Chickens’ Style to Entirely New Levels!

“Our Fashion Victim Chanelle”


Chanelle is frilly and fabulous, looking her best in deep fuchsia. She doesn’t need a feather boa, she’s fashionable all on her own.

“Mugshot for Elvis, a Rooster With a Tuft”


Here, we meet Elvis, a proud-looking boy with a positively massive pompadour. This chic chick lives up to his namesake easily.

“Coz Two Chicks Are Better Than One”


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Priscilla and Elvis pose together in true rock-and-roll fashion. We can tell there’s something special between them.

“Another Chick For Your Daily Dose of Coolness”


Elza looks positively cool in high-contrast black and sepia. A hint of purple brings her over-the-top. We wonder if she gives fashion advice.

What Do You Think?

Do you see chickens in a different light yet? Dan Bannino began shooting this series because he believes that not enough people appreciate the natural beauty of ordinary animals like chickens. Learn what else makes chickens exceptional: they can count!

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