This Photographer Takes Chickens’ Style to Entirely New Levels!

Photographer Dan Bannino is famous for his work as a passionate nature photographer who loves animals, and he’s about to make history for his hilarious retro chicken series. Titled ‘Chic Chicks,’ Bannino’s series features colorful, model-esque portraits of chickens who clearly know how to strut their stuff. His portrait series can be found in Instagram under the hashtag #chicchicks or on his website.

“I Know it’s Monday Morning and This Sucks, But…”


Mondays are always better with a sassy greeting like this one. This rooster has clearly gotten out of bed on the right foot.

“Breaking News: Pidgey is Not a Common Pigeon”


Bannino riffs on ‘Pokemon Go,’ the latest craze to hit the video gaming world as of summer 2016. Gamers who play ‘Go’ see Pidgey everywhere, and now we see a bit of Pidgey in this chicken.

“Our Sparkling Anastacia”


Anastacia is a regal chicken retouched in jewel-tone green, making her look like a true emerald. She’s the crown jewel of the poultry world.

“Monday Vibes”


Bannino sure likes starting off his week with a Monday morning chicken portrait. Who can blame him, with birds this cute?

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