These Cats Are Quite Sure They’ve Made The Wrong Decision

You know how they say curiosity killed the cat? Well, luckily these felines didn’t go that far, but they definitely wished immediately that they hadn’t been quite so curious. Here’s a list of our favorite internet cats and their moments of deepest, most abiding regret. To them we say: we understand.

8. “Let’s just shake paws…”

This poor cat is just politely greeting a neighbor. However, when that neighbor has some fierce, snapping claws, instant regret is imminent.

7. “This looks like something fun to push!”

Cats are generally known for their joy in pushing, pulling, jumping, and generally making messes with random objects. This guy was only living up to his cat duty. The face full of water was unfortunate karma.

6. “I’m gonna get you!”

This cat stops at nothing to reach its quarry … until the poor feline goes too far and slips into the wet tub of water. Turns out, no lizard is worth getting wet for.

5. “I’m Stuck. In a box.”

Cat: What have I done from instant_regret

All cats like cozy spaces, but when that cozy space turns out to be less cozy and more of a hole in a flat, cardboard box that you struggle to remove yourself from, it loses its luster.

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