Me-OUCH! 8 Photos Of Cats Stung By Bees That Are Painfully Adorable

Sometimes, a cat’s curiosity gets the better of the poor little feline. Kitties want to explore everything, even those things that are best left alone, like bees. After a painful experience with a stinging insect that leaves our kitty friends swollen, one hopes these cats have learned their lesson. Here are eight painfully adorable photos of cats after having an unfortunate encounter with the unforgiving stinger of a bee.

8. “We were just playing…”

This poor kitty is confused how a harmless game with its bee friend could end with a swollen paw. They were just playing, after all.

7. “Maybe if I ignore it, it’ll go away.”

This cat may be trying to pretend that nothing happened. What swollen paw? This? No, I wasn’t playing with a bee. It’s always been like this.

No, this cat isn’t experiencing a stuffy nose. Click ‘next’ to see more adorable photos of kitties.

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