8 Photos Of Cats Getting Comfy In Sinks

It’s no secret that cats aren’t big fans of water. Yet, they love to squeeze themselves into small, confined areas, which apparently makes the sinks in your home an inviting resting spot for your furry little feline. Kitties will brave water faucets to curl up into any sink they come across — and often, it is an adorable sight to behold. Check out these eight cats getting comfortable in sinks. Do they remind you of any cats that you know?

8. Tell Me I’m Not Adorable

Could a cat get any cuter? This little guy has certainly found his resting spot. No matter the circumstances, he’s staying put and looks super comfy.

Own towel own sink

7. It’s as Simple as Avoiding the Faucet

This tabby cat knows she can get comfy in the sink if she just avoids the faucet. She slides into her comfort zone, probably after turning and twisting in ways a yoga master can appreciate.

It finally happened to me from CatsInSinks

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