Furtography 101: These Clever Cats Have Mastered The Art Of The Photobomb

Two-Headed Cat?

At first glance, this picture looks rather grotesque. A further look reveals two kittens with a good sense of humor, though. Do you think the perfectly posing kitten in the foreground is in on the gag?

Someone Is Not Amused

Dignified cats rarely deign to pose for portraits, so it’s no wonder this brown tabby appears annoyed that its fellow feline pulled off a classic photobomb. Still, it’s hard not to fall in love with that goofy orange-and-white face — or the grumpy brown-and-black one.

Internally Screaming … Or Meowing

Edvard Munch’s classic painting, “The Scream,” is immediately recognizable. And apparently, even cats can appreciate this masterpiece of expressionist style. This adorable feline is doing his best impression of the subject.

Let Me Adjust the Angle

Is this a case of a playful cat trying to bat at the bright lights and flashes, or is this kitty unusually skilled at taking a fantastic selfie? You be the judge.

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