Furtography 101: These Clever Cats Have Mastered The Art Of The Photobomb

Cats love being the center of attention, and there’s no better way to achieve that than with a perfect photobomb. These cute little felines have taken that skill to the next level.

The Downside of Camera Timers

Those little red lights on a self-timing camera can be more alluring than catnip for some playful felines. This kitty may not have planned to bomb this photo, but it’s adorable nonetheless.

The Jig Is Up

This cat went from photobomb victim to photobomb perpetrator. He might have started out as an unwitting model, but he seems to be eagerly participating by the end!

Isn’t the Bride Supposed To Get All the Attention?

It’s hard to upstage a beautiful bride on her wedding day, but this cat seems to have pulled it off. That acrobatic leap is the stuff of legend.

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