Cute Cats Of Summer Are Warming Hearts Across The Internet

Although the summer season may be coming to a close, its warmth lingers in many ways. These Cats of Summer from Instagram are one such example — their hilarious summertime photos give us much to smile about and prove our four-legged friends enjoy getting in on the sun-soaked fun just as much as we do. Check out these funny felines in all of their summer glory and add a little sunshine to your day.

It Takes Work To Look This Good

This cool cat may have been caught at an awkward moment, but he’s clearly a pro at relaxing in the sun. If only all that fur didn’t get in the way of a good tan!

Movie-Star Style

The right pair of sunglasses can make or break your summer look. This adorable cat clearly knows it, and seems to be channeling her inner Hollywood star. Talk about a glamorous look!

Let It All Hang Out

This furry feline is embodying the relaxed atmosphere of summer while showing off her bikini body. She’s ready for some belly rubs, too!

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