Craigslist Kitties: 10 Cats Looking For Missed Love Connections Online

Up for the Chase

Photo: Pixabay

I’m a feisty feline in need of a playmate for friendly roughhousing. You were the carefree British Shorthair holding the Russian Blue in a headlock. Are you ready to be my next wrestle buddy? Trimmed claws are a must.

A Season for Love

Photo: Pixabay

To the dashing chocolate brown cat I saw sitting on a snowman’s head: I’d love to snuggle up near the fire and keep you warm on cold, wintry nights. Mew three times at dawn if your want a furry friend for the season.

I’ve Got My Eye On You

Photo: Pixabay

You: A sassy young kitty with curves in all the right places. Me: A suave silver fox who’d love to show you the world beyond your front porch. You thought my eyes were mesmerizing, and I complemented your whiskers. Let’s meet and see who can win in a staring contest.

Tangled Up With You

Photo: Pixabay

We bumped heads while chasing the same butterfly and shared an accidental smooch. Now, I can’t stop thinking about you. Maybe we can bump into each other again and chase a ball of yarn next time?

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