Craigslist Kitties: 10 Cats Looking For Missed Love Connections Online

If cats were as social media-savvy as humans, maybe they’d try Craigslist’s “Missed Connections” to make new friends and stay in touch with cute felines they met on the prowl. Cats may have a reputation for being solitary and independent, but lonely kitties are happy to make room in their busy lives for the right companion. Check out how these enchanting cats put their best paw forward to find love.

Windowsill Stud

Photo: Pixabay
To the handsome tabby with glowing eyes: You stare at me from your window every day. I can’t help but notice your fine figure. If you want a closer look, please come by and join me for a cuddly catnap anytime.

Shy Guy Looking for Exotic Beauty

Photo: Pixabay
To the stunning cream-colored Persian kitty: I spotted you from above while I was stuck up a tree, and we locked eyes. There was no way I could miss your fluffy tail, but I was too shy to purr “hello.” Let’s meet at our special tree for a romantic frolic in the grass.

Falling Fur You

Photo: Pixabay
Do you remember our encounter at the groomer’s? You were getting a bath, and even with your wet fur and angry scowl, I could tell you were a sweetie at heart. I’d love to catch some dinner in your backyard. By the way, I hope you like gingers.

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