10 Not-So-Subtle Ways Cats Tell Us They Love Us!

Head Butts

When a cat head butts you, it’s called bunting. This instinct means your kitty marks his scent all over you as if to say “You belong to me.” Bunting includes head butting, cheek rubbing, pushing up against you, and sliding in and out of your ankles.


Cats would make great bread makers because they have an instinct to palpitate an area with their two front paws. This kneading instinct develops from kittens’ attempts to suckle milk from mama. In adult years, kneading signifies contentment and pleasure. Drooling is an added benefit that shows extra love.


Cats don’t go to the mall to pick out your presents. Instead, they find something important laying around the house and lay it in your lap. Gifting means your kitty loves you and brings you a share of the bounty he found on his most recent hunt.

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Belly Flop

A cat is at its most vulnerable when he rolls over onto his back and exposes his tummy. If he does this for you, that means he trusts you to protect him.

Acts Like He Owns the Place

Your cat lets you live in the same house as he does, and that’s the ultimate sign of love. It’s just like [these cats] who feel as if they own “your” computer by sitting on the keyboard.

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