10 Not-So-Subtle Ways Cats Tell Us They Love Us!

Cats may not kiss you, hug you or say “I love you” the way human companions do, but your furry felines do have ways to show you how much they appreciate you. See if any of these behaviors seem familiar.

Welcome Home

Your cat wants you home all of the time, so you shouldn’t be surprised when your kitty trots up to the door when you come home from a long day at work. Get ready to bend down for a head rub or an ear scratch on your way inside.

The Smolder

Cats only stare at people they like. Embrace the smoldering glare and respond in kind.

Blink Sync

A long, slow blink is the same thing as a kiss in the cat world. When your cat does this to you, blink back with your special brand of kitty love.

Makes Lovey Noises

When a cat meows, he’s trying to talk to you rather than ignore you. Purring is also a sign of one happy kitty.

Tolerates Human Forms of Affection

Only your cat would tolerate hugs and kisses from you, even though he might find them annoying.

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