10 Hilarious Photos Of Cats Keeping Warm Will Teach You New Ways To Fight The Cold

7. There’s A Kitty In My Boot!

You know how cats love to cozy themselves into confined spaces? Well, boots apparently serve as an ideal place for little kitties to crawl in and snuggle. This little feline is clearly in heaven.

6. Dare Me To Move

This cat has found the perfect place — and the perfect position — for soaking in warmth. He doesn’t look like he’ll be going anywhere anytime soon.

5. A Fire Is Always Nice

Both humans and cats enjoy a nice, crackling fire, especially when they’re cuddled up with a tasty beverage like warm milk. Add in a few candles, and the mood is set for some purrfect romance.

4. Don’t Hog All The Heat

This space heater is just the right size for all the kitties in the household. They’re lined up like Russian nesting dolls; they know exactly where the warmth is.

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