10 Hilarious Photos Of Cats Keeping Warm Will Teach You New Ways To Fight The Cold

Cats love nothing more than being warm and cozy. You might see your kitty draped over the back of a chair near the fireplace, or sprawled across a sunny spot on the floor. Outdoor cats might jump on top of the hoods of cars that have recently been running. Sometimes, their means of finding warmth can become quite creative and amusing. Here are a few photos of some of the more interesting ways that cats get warm.

10. Nightlight Warmth

That low-wattage bulb in your lamp might seem barely bright enough to illuminate your desk, let alone provide heat. But some cats find it offers just enough warmth to make them feel cozy. This cat is not only soaking in the warmth of the light; it also appears to have found its resting spot for the evening. Who knew lamps came with pillows?

9. It Glows

If you want a space by the heater, then you’re going to have to elbow your way in, as these cats have settled themselves into front-row seats. But really, who’s going to ask them to move?

8. Oh, You Like Coffee, Too?

Coffee might help you wake up and start your day off strong, but you probably never thought of your coffeemaker as a warm place for your cat to settle down and get comfy. At least in this situation, you can combine your morning java with a dash of cuteness.

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