Even The Most Adorable House Cats Can’t Escape These Instinctual Habits

From chasing shadows to napping in your dresser drawer, cats do many things that puzzle their owners. Your cat’s antics trace back to wild cat behavior, which may explain why your pet climbs up your bookcase or pounces on your ankles. These eight tweets capture furry felines engaging in such behavior. Learn why your cat does what he does and how these instincts helped his ancestors survive.

Finding a Tight Fit

Many cats love squeezing into small spaces, from a cardboard box to an empty bowl. Animal behaviorists think that the tight fit mimics the safe, snuggly environment of the nests that cats make in the wild.

Staring You Down

A cat’s unblinking gaze can be intense, especially when she turns those green eyes on you. Your cat stares because she doesn’t need to blink as often as you, a trait cats have evolved to keep their eyes trained on prey.

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