A Cat and a Box: If I Fits, I Sits!

Why do cats love boxes so much? You buy your kitty the most expensive scratching post on the market, and all she wants to do is play with the box in which it arrived at your house. Cats can spend hours in boxes for several reasons. It may give them a sense of comfort and security. Boxes may also play into a feline’s natural instinct as an ambush predator that comes out of hiding to catch its prey. Whatever the reason, here are some adorable photos of cats in boxes, confined spaces and just about anything else they can find.


Cats may love boxes simply because they like to hide and be reclusive. Smaller is better when it comes to hiding spots. Cats feel as if they can’t be snuck up on, so they feel safer. Shelter cats do better in cages when there’s a box nearby.

Old Trunks

This 25-year-old cat feels right at home in an antique trunk in its new home.

Bathroom Sinks

Bathroom sinks are great places for naps, but not for baths.


Dogs aren’t the only pets that play with shoes.


You might be thinking of using that bowl for salad or cereal tomorrow, so please wash it first before the next use.

Shopping Bags

Kitties need retail therapy, too!

Cereal Boxes

732Forget the litter box, some cats want a cereal box.

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Luggage is a great place for cats to hide, until they wind up on a plane. See what happens to a chubby cat in this animated series called Simon’s Cat.

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