8 Photos Of Cats That Hilariously Forgot How To Sit

4. A Little Room?

Apparently, sitting in this manner is this handsome feline’s favorite way to relax. Yet the look on his face seems to suggest the poor guy can’t get enough room. No matter; he’s comfortable with his human.

Photo: Flickr/Susannah Grant

3. You Lookin’ At Me?

This is one cat who looks like he should not be messed with! There’s something rebellious in his look — we’d laugh at how he’s sitting if we weren’t so intimidated. One might come home to find their favorite flower pot knocked over.

Photo: Flickr/Sunny Ripert

2. I See You Watching Me

While comfortable, this cat appears to also be bored, as he may have gotten through all of his reading material. And with stomach muscles that look completely absent, the cat seems to just collapse in on himself.

Photo: Flickr/angela n.

1. Yoga Master

This cat has to be practicing yoga. Forget any of those dog-named poses. When you’re this good, it should be all about the cats!

Photo: Flickr/Alex Goodey

One saying that certainly applies to every feline is, “Cats do the funniest things.” Whether it’s because of how they sit or some other hijinks they get themselves into, cat owners know their kitties won’t cease to make them smile.

As cat lovers know, “If they fits, they sits.” This begs the age-old question, “Are cats liquid?” We think we finally have the answer. Click the link below to see some of the crazy ways cats contort their bodies to squeeze into several odd, confined spaces — just like water into a cup!

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