8 Photos Of Cats That Hilariously Forgot How To Sit

Cat owners love watching their cats leap, prowl, flip, and sit with a flexibility that seems to suggest their bodies are part slinky and part jello. Sometimes, we just marvel at the odd ways our furry friends decide to sit — whether it’s because it seems oddly unnatural, or because it’s simply adorable. Here’s a look at eight cats that are masters at sitting in awkward positions.

8. That Doesn’t Look Comfy

When you look at this kitty, you have to wonder how he manages to sit this way. The cat looks like he folded himself in half. It’s hard to believe that this is comfortable.

Photo: Flickr/John Morton

7. The Puddle

This cat has clearly learned that resting on a stuffed animal provides extra cushion for relaxing. The cat looks to be settled in for an afternoon nap. We can only feel for poor Tigger. Hopefully, the owner of the stuffed animal won’t need it anytime soon.

Photo: Flickr/Helena Jacoba

6. Whatever Makes Me Cozy

Sometimes, cats just want to relax like their human friends. This black-and-white cat wants to be comfortable and looks to have achieved that. Sure, for a cat, sitting this way may look weird. But he likes it. There’s no shame in that at all.

Photo: Flickr/k.steudel

5. Quite Content

Someone found a new favorite place to sit! This kitty — lovingly nicknamed “blobbofur” by his owner — appears to be in heaven after stealing his human’s chair. That’s the only place to sit, really. Once you go that big, you can never go back.

Photo: Flickr/Mark Turnauckas

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