8 Dapper Cats That Dress Better Than Most People

When it’s business time, you’ve got to look the part. Press the suit, straighten the tie, and dress to the nines. These felines are doing just that, and they’re looking adorable while doing so. These kitties appear ready to tackle the world, donning their fancy ties and starched collars. If you looked this dapper, who knows how far you’d get in the business world? Maybe we can take a lesson from our furry friends. Here are eight photos of sharp-dressed cats wearing their finest business attire. Such formal wear never looked so good!

8. Just Another Day on the Job

Judging by the disinterested look on this kitty’s face, somebody has a case of the Mondays. Poor guy. At least your wardrobe looks great!

All ready for work from CatsInBusinessAttire

7. Mr. Dapper

This is Ned, but when he struts into the office looking like this, you might as well refer to him as “Mr. Good-Looking.” His bow tie can really bring some pizzazz to an otherwise routine day.

Another one of Ned with his new bow tie. from CatsInBusinessAttire

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