These Cats Getting Brain Freeze Will Make Your Heart Melt

On a hot day, humans aren’t the only ones inclined to cool down with a cold, tasty treat. When given the opportunity, cats won’t turn down a bite of ice cream or the sweet, icy taste of a popsicle. But our feline friends must be careful: it turns out that just like us, cats can get a brain freeze from eating such frozen goodies. And their reactions are simply too cute.

8. Yum, Yum, Argh!

This sweet kitty thought he was safe. He was indoors, the fan was going, and he had his blue popsicle to cool off. Then, the poor kitty’s brain seized up. The paralyzed look on his face is hilariously adorable. We feel for you, little guy!

7. Out Of Nowhere

After lapping up all the ice cream he can handle, this cat appears to suffer a brain freeze so severe, it literally blows his mind. It looks painful, but in a lovable kind of way.

6. Nooooooo! Anything but That!

Everything is going swell for this ice cream-eating kitty — until that brain freeze hits. Then, he can’t get far enough away from his treat!

5. Yowl!

Oy vey! This black-and-white kitty dramatically throws his head back in an effort to shake his brain freeze. But no matter — he quickly returns to licking up his cold treat as the headache passes. You can’t teach an old cat new tricks.

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