Rescue Cats Part of Living Art Exhibit at Worcester Art Museum!

Shelters often have a difficult time adopting out pets, but one Massachusetts museum has found a unique way to showcase cats in need of a home Exhibitors at the Worcester Art Museum have created a multi-faceted, interactive exhibit, called “Meow: a Cat-Inspired Exhibition,” that features live cats as part of its “Cats-in-Residence Program.”

These cats are available for adoption through the Worcester Rescue League, making it a win-win situation for both cat lovers and shelter cats. Cats have been a dominant presence on the internet, but people’s fascination with these animals goes back centuries. “Meow: a Cat-Inspired Exhibition” emphasizes the cat’s role in art throughout history and pop culture, with more than 70 pieces of art inspired by cats, a “Cat Walk” and cat-themed events. The highlight of the exhibit, however, is the cute and adoptable resident cats, who “perform” for their visitors and create a delightful interactive piece.


Visitors can see “Meow: a Cat-Inspired Exhibition” in person in Studio 206, on the second floor of the Worcester Art Museum’s Higgins Education Wing. You even have the option of buying a timed ticket to spend 30 minutes interacting with the “cats-in-residence”. Don’t worry though if you are not in the area. The exhibit’s creators also provide a live stream of the installation, so anyone with an internet connection can view it, warning anyone interested that it is “addictive”The “Cats-in-Residence” program has been at the Worcester Art Museum for several years and has successfully adopted out 55 cats so far.

This unique exhibit is another way of showing potential adopters the benefits of adopting a shelter cat, especially adults that may be passed over for their younger counterparts. Many potential adopters first look at kittens, but adult cats have much to offer and should not be overlooked. Considering adopting a cat of your own? Find out why adult cats make great pets.

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