Why Are Cats Obsessed With Shredding Toilet Paper?

Cats can be low-maintenance pets, but sometimes they pick up infuriating habits. If your playful cat has discovered the joy of shredding toilet paper or facial tissue, you’re probably sick of coming home to a big mess of shredded paper.

Don’t fret, though. There are some easy ways to discourage the behavior and redirect your cat to more appropriate playthings. The first step in ending toilet paper destruction is prevention.

How Do I Get My Cat To Stop Shredding Toilet Paper

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Toilet paper rolls are an appealing toy for cats because of their fast and easy movement. By slightly squeezing a new roll into a less round shape, you can prevent toilet paper from spinning as easily, which can be enough to deter less tenacious felines. For more dedicated toilet-paper destroyers, consider a child-proof dispenser that requires you to lift the lid before accessing the toilet paper or only allows a few sheets out at a time. If your cat also likes tissues, try simply flipping the box upside-down.

Ruin The Mood

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Sometimes it helps to create an unpleasant yet harmless experience. Consider spraying a sheet of toilet paper with bitter apple spray or another deterrent and draping it over the roll when not in use. Remember to warn any guests about it, so they don’t accidentally use it. You can also create a one-time bad experience by resting a cup of water on top of the roll so that it falls down and splashes your cat when he tries to play with the paper.

Get Him A Scratching Post

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However, deterrence and prevention aren’t always enough. Cats tend to play with toilet paper rolls out of boredom or a lack of other scratching options. If you don’t have any dedicated scratching posts, get some. Consider trying out cardboard or other soft materials that may provide some of the benefits of toilet paper.

Provide Distractions

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Play with your cat, and provide plenty of vertical space for her to climb. Consider using puzzle feeders or other creative feeding solutions to tire your cat out. The love affair between cats and tissue is one for the ages, but there are also ways to minimize the destruction. We’ve got plenty of boxes and toys at The Animal Rescue Site store to help keep your mischievous cat entertained!


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Cats’ ongoing obsession with shredding the toilet paper is an ongoing frustration for cat-owners, especially after the toilet paper shortages caused by Covid-19. Follow the simple tricks above to help relieve your sweet pet of this annoying and wasteful habit.

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