Indoor Cats Are Going Wild Over Outdoor Catios


Cats don’t like staying cooped up indoors, but the “real world” isn’t always a safe place for your favorite felines. Catios give kitties space to explore the great outdoors without coming into contact with its dangers.

What Is a Catio?
As the name implies, a catio is a patio designed for cats. It may be as simple as a crate-sized enclosure for napping on a balcony or as complex as a multi-level treehouse that circles the entire backyard. These cat-friendly outdoor spaces allow felines to explore, pounce and play in the natural environment without the risk of becoming lost or falling prey to coyotes, dogs and other animals. They’re also a great way to transition outdoor kitties into content house cats.

Catio Essentials
In its most basic form, a catio offers a cozy spot for sunning and napping. When space allows, it may also include climbing structures, live plants and tree perches that let cats enjoy the hunt without endangering themselves or wildlife. Equipping your catio with a litter box offers added convenience, especially if you’re box training an outdoor feline. Placing patio furniture in your catio makes it easy for you to enjoy some time outdoors with your favorite fur babies. The possibilities are only limited by your space and your budget.

Where to Get Your Catio
Custom catio design firms are emerging across the nation. Catio Spaces designs and installs cat-friendly outdoor enclosures in Seattle, Washington, and Catbitats offers similar services in Gilbert, Arizona. These companies also produce a variety of ready-to-install kits for cat owners who want to cut costs or who live outside the service area. These kits include prefabricated materials and instructions for easy assembly. DIY plans are also available for an even more budget-friendly option.Of course, you can always design your own catio. Check out this guide to catios to get started.

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