11 Physical Conditions in Cats That Need Swift Attention From A Vet

Anyone with a cat can tell you that sometimes they get into pretty hairy situations. Whether it’s being stuck inside a cupboard, or coughing up a mysterious something they ate off of the kitchen floor, most of the time, it’s not very serious. However, sometimes our furry friends get in over their heads, and it becomes our responsibility to rush them to the vet. Cats are curious and bold little critters, and we need to protect them from danger. Knowing more about the following conditions can save your cat’s life.

11. Difficulty Breathing


Labored breathing is a top sign that your cat is in trouble. If your cat is wheezing, panting, or its sides are heaving as it breathes, something is wrong, A wide variety of problems can cause labored breathing, so you need to seek medical care to make sure it isn’t something especially serious.

10. Unusual Urination Patterns, Especially in Male Cats


Cats sometimes refuse to use the litter box. We’ve all been there, and we can feel pretty sore about it. However, changes in how and where a cat is urinating can actually be a sign of illness. This is especially true for male cats. Male cats with a urinary obstruction may strain to relieve themselves, urinate outside the litter box, or meow and groom their bottoms excessively. Urinary obstruction can become a life-threatening situation, so you need to take kitty to the vet. Female cats may also show these symptoms, but they are generally in less trouble than their male counterparts.

9. Obvious (and Not-So-Obvious) Signs of Distress


Cats that begin to meow a lot, act out when a certain spot on their body is touched, or hide should see a veterinarian to rule out serious problems. While some cats are just shy or temperamental, changes in behavior can be signs of distress. As the Cat Hospital of Chicago points out, cats often hide their pain, so these changes may also be very subtle. Close observation is needed to pick up on these subtle changes, but if you have any doubt, seek a vet.

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