9 Best Ways To Tell Your Cat ‘I Love You’ This Valentine’s Day

7. Get New Kitty Treats…

You shake the bag and your cat comes running, knowing she’s about to get a treat. It’s a great feeling to see your beloved cat trotting toward you with excitement, so make her day extra special with some special new treats as a Valentine’s Day gift. Maybe it will be new catnip crumbles, or maybe it’s new tender meat sticks — just remember, no chocolate!

Photo: Flickr/D Coetzee

6. …Or Try Making Some New Ones

Nothing says “love” quite like a homemade meal, and chances are you can make your favorite feline one of the best. Take a stab at a new cat-treat recipe and incorporate foods that your kitty loves. Get creative with foods like tuna, chicken, or cheese. Try your hand at making catnip croutons — your kitty will certainly show her appreciation in her own special way.

Photo: Flickr/Rob Bertholf

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