Am I a Cat Lady or a Lady Who Loves Cats?

Everyone has heard the stereotype of the cat lady. However, just because you have cats doesn’t mean you have to be seen as that cat person who has cats everywhere and talks about them all the time. Follow a few tips, and you can just be someone who loves cats, without any silly stereotypes.Perhaps the most important rule is limiting the number of cats you own. Having too many cats makes it more difficult to care for them and keep things clean. Wikihow recommends limiting yourself to one or two cats. It’s easier to manage, and two cats can keep each other company while you’re gone.


Cats Inn says that responsibility is also a key part of being a good cat owner. That means you have your cats spayed or neutered, and you understand the cost of caring for a cat. Also, although there’s a temptation to save every cat in need of a home, make sure you rescue responsibly. Unfortunately, you can’t save all the homeless cats out there, but there are other ways to help, such as volunteering.


Cleaning up after you cats is very important. If you have one cat, you should clean its litter at least every other day, although it’s good to do it every day. Vacuum frequently, as cats can drag small litter particles around your home. Cat feces has a parasite called toxoplasmosis that can lead to health problems, so keep things clean to avoid that.

According to Feline Express, you should also make sure you don’t neglect your own life to become a “cat hermit.” Keep in touch with friends, and talk to people about things besides your cats. Try to avoid the cat theme for your home decor or your clothing.


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Of course, the million dollar question is “what about dressing cats up in clothing?” That one is your call. Some cats really like it, and honestly, it looks ridiculously cute. Just make sure that if you do, you share the best pictures on social media and with us!For most people, it’s best to keep the number of cats in your household under control. We make an exception for this beautiful cat person.

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