Cat Dumped on Street, Litter Box and All!

New York City doesn’t have many low-cost options to get cats spayed and neutered. Unfortunately, this lack of options sometimes leads people to abandon their cats and just get a new one. That’s what happened to one male cat that was dumped on the street in Brooklyn. However, the community and a rescue organization came together to help the cat, and the organization hopes this cat’s popularity encourages more people to adopt rescue cats. The Dodo reports that a young male cat was left on Nostrand Avenue in Brooklyn, New York. Whoever left him also left a litter box, a pillow and other assorted cat supplies. The cat was clearly upset, meowing loudly. One person took a photo of the sad scene and posted it on the Flatbush Area Team for Cats (also known as FAT Cats) Facebook page.


A street sweeper inadvertently scared the cat, who took off and hid. Elizabeth Champ, one of the founders of FAT Cats, began a search for the cat, along with several other people in the neighborhood who wanted to help. FAT Cats also posted information about the cat on its Facebook page.

According to People, a couple days later, a woman named Karen Oh found the cat in her backyard, safe and sound. She brought him in to the rescue, and then he went to the vet, where he got a clean bill of health and a flea treatment. FAT Cats is going to have him neutered, and then he can go to a new home. The cat even got a name related to his experience — Nostrand.


FAT Cats is encouraging people to remember that many abandoned cats don’t receive the type of media attention that Nostrand did. However, they still all need loving homes. Although Nostrand went through a difficult time, the kindness of a community helped him get through it. For another cat story with a happy ending, read about this cat that was reunited with the soldier that cared for it.

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