No Dogs? No Problem: 11 Dog-Like Cat Breeds

Many self-professed dog people are sure they could never find a cat to love. However, these breeds may change even the most stubborn dog owner’s mind.

11. The Playful Abyssinian


If you like playing fetch, this is the breed for you. Abyssinians love playing and spending time with their owners.

10. The Lovely Turkish Angora

Don’t let this cat’s long hair and beautiful looks fool you. They’re known for enjoying water and dirt, as well as a playful nature.

9. The Affectionate Burmese

This family-friendly cat has a playful nature and likes to spend time with people. WebMD ranks it as the most dog-like cat breed.

8. The Cuddly Ragdoll


If you prefer a cuddly dog rather than a playful one, these super-soft cats are for you. They love spending time in laps and go as limp as a rag doll when they are picked up, which is how they got their name.

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7. The Clever Manx

These cats are famous for learning their names and coming when called, as well as responding to other commands, such as “no.” Some Manx cats have a cute naturally bobbed tail.

6. The Distinctive American Curl

This rare breed is easy to identify by its unique ears, but it was also bred to be playful and relaxed around children.

5. The Giant Maine Coon


These massive cats are as big as many small dogs, making them a sneaky way to get around dog restrictions while still having a sizeable pet to cuddle. They’re also friendly and affectionate towards their owners, though they can be aloof with strangers.

4. The Friendly Sphinx

Although some people may find their hairless appearance startling, these cats more than make up for it with a friendly nature. Some owners call them Velcro cats because of their tendency to follow their people around the house.

3. The Attention-Seeking Bombay

These cats won’t make you work for their affection. The outgoing breed is known for seeking out play and cuddles from their owners.

2. The Impish American Bobtail

Gato Bobtail Americano (American Bobtail  cat) 003

These mischievous cats retain a kitten-like playfulness as they grow up, but they do learn boundaries and manners. They develop strong bonds with their owners but tend to be affectionate towards everyone.

1. The Beautiful Birman

These luxurious-looking cats know how to play hard, but they also know how to settle down quietly when you want to relax. Their semi-long coats require some brushing, but otherwise, they are a low-maintenance breed.

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